EPR Industries

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EPR AUTOCLAVE CLEANER Autoclave Cleaner, 32 Oz Bottles, 12/Cs

A mildly alkaline solution used to remove grease, grime scale deposits from autoclaves. Maintains autoclaves in peak operating condition.

EPR FOG FREE MIRROR DEFOGGER Fog Free Mirror Defogger, Qt, 12/Cs

Mirror defogger. Eliminates water and fog distortion on mouth mirrors.

EPR ORANGE SOLVENT Orange Solvent , Qt, 12/Cs

Orange Solvent with Lanolin. Removes ZOE/impression materials from hands and instruments.

EPR SUPERKLEEN 40 POWDER CONCENTRATE Powder Evacuation Cleaner, 2 Lb Jar, 12/Cs

Concentrated evacuation cleaner and sanitizer. Powerful, non-foaming, pleasant scent. Makes 32 gallons.

EPR SUPEROXOL Superoxol, 1 Oz Bottle

Tooth bleaching solution; 35% hydrogen peroxide.

EPR SUPER-VAC 40 PLUS Super-Vac 40 PLUS Liquid, ½ Gal Bottle, 6/Cs

The latest generation triple enzymatic, super-concentrated evacuation system cleaner and sanitizer. Powerful, non-foaming, pleasant mint scent. Approved by Solmetex for use with their amalgam separator.