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HEMOCUE ICON® DS STREP A TEST KIT Each Kit Contains: (25) Test Devices, (25) Extraction Tubes, (25) Sterile Swabs, 1 Each Extraction Reagent A & B, 1 Each Positive & Negative Control, 1 Each Product Instructions & Procedure Card (Minimum Expiry Lead Is 90 Days)

A qualitative assay for rapid detection of Strep A antigen from throat swabs, using a convenient dipstick format. Boasts 96.2% relative sensitivity and 98.7% relative specificity, 98% overall agreement. This CLIA Waived test provides outstanding performance, even in low colony count samples. Leaves little chance for misdiagnosis, thereby minimizing the risk of rheumatic fever or over-prescription of antibiotics.

HEMOCUE ICON® SC STREP A TEST Each Kit Includes: 25 Test Devices, 25 Throat Swabs, 1 Ea Extraction Reagent A & B, 1 Ea Positive & Negative Controls, 1 Ea Instructions & Procedure Card, 4 Kt/Cs (Minimum Expiry Lead Is 90 Days)

ICONĀ® SC STREP A is a simple, easy to use CLIA-waived test. No mixing, no measuring and no fragile trays. The easy to handle cassette format with clearly visible result window makes test results simple to interpret, In as little as five minutes, you will have accurate results so you can begin your patient's treatment immediately and confidently. ICONĀ® SC Strep A - even better: 98% accuracy, results in five minutes, on board extraction and fast easy and accurate.

QUIDEL QUICKVUE® IN-LINE® STREP A KIT Strep A Swab Pack, 75 Individually Pouched Sterile Rayon Swabs, For Use With Quickvue In-Line Strep A Test Only, 75 Swabs/Pk (US Only)

For the rapid detection of group A streptococcal antigen directly from patient throat swab specimens. A truly one-step test via unique patented in-line extraction method reduces hands-on time and provides quick results in 5 minutes or less. Each kit contains positive and negative controls. Room temperature storage with up to 24-month shelf life from date of manufacture. CLIA waived.The unique in-line extraction and rapid procedure allow testing to take place at the point of care. Two-color results give you clear readability, and the proven accuracy of QuickVue provides dependable results. The kit stores at room temperature and includes positive and negative external controls. CLIA wiaved.

QUIDEL QUICKVUE® IN-LINE® STREP A LUQID CONTROL SET Strep A Liquid Controls (Minimum Expiry Lead Is 120 Days) (US Only)

Positive and negative control swab set. Includes (6) positive and (6) negative control swabs. For use with QuickVue In-Line Strep A test only. Room temperature storage.


Positive and negative liquid Strep A control set. For use with QuickVue Dipstick Strep A or QuickVue+ Strep A kits. Approximately 65 tests per bottle. Room temperature storage.

SEKISUI DUAL SWABS Dual Swabs: (2) Rayon Swabs In Each Plastic Transport Tube, 30 Tube/Bx

Can be used with all OSOM Strep A and OSOM Trichomonas products.