One Touch Ultra Blue Test Strips 200ct

The One Touch Ultra test strips rapidly draw the blood sample into the strip and let you know right away when there is enough blood for a reliable reading.
Manufacturer: LifeScan
Manufacturer part number: 353885009713
GTIN: 353885009713
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One Touch Ultra Test Strips 200ct

One Touch Ultra Test Strips use a unique Fastdraw design to automatically draw the blood into your test strips, which makes blood glucose testing fast, simple and less painful for anyone testing their blood glucose levels. One Touch Ultra Test Strips provide precise test results and are used with the OneTouch Ultra 2 Glucose Meter & OneTouch UltraMini Meter.

One Touch Ultra Blue Test Strips:

  • Results in just five seconds
  • Requires just a speck of blood
  • Automatically draws blood into the test strip
  • Makes it easy to see when there's enough blood for an accurate reading
  • Use with the OneTouch UltraSoft Automatic Blood Sampler
  • Eliminates falsely elevated results from other sugars
  • Checks each blood sample twice in one reading
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